Electric Vehicles & E-Bikes

Residential Programs and Rebates

EVs E-bikes- EV monthly bill discount program

EV Monthly Bill Discount Program

Electric Vehicles play an important role to achieve clean mobility by reducing pollution and emissions. 

Program Requirements:

  • Battery electric vehicle registered to Healdsburg address (submit registration annually)
  • Switch to Time of Use (TOU) electric rate (staff will perform analysis to ensure TOU rate and discount result in estimated savings)

Rebate application

Rebate amount: $20.25 per month ($40.50 per month for low-income customers)

EVs E-bikes- public charging

Public EV Charging 

The City has 12 EV chargers in the City Hall parking lot located at 401 Grove St.

The charging rate is $.55/hr. (Fees paid through ChargePoint.)

Charging is free on weekdays from 5:00pm - 7:00am and all day on weekends. 

EVs E-bikes- E-bike rebate

Electric Bike Rebate

E-bikes and e-bike conversion kits promote active transportation and biking as a clean mobility option.

Program Requirements: 

  • Must be intended to replace trips otherwise taken by vehicle in Healdsburg
  • Only 1 rebate per electric account

Rebate application

W9 form

Rebate amount:

  • $700 for low-income customers
  • $400 for an e-bike purchased in Healdsburg
  • $300 for an e-bike purchased outside of Healdsburg
  • $50 for an e-bike conversion attachment kit

Be sure to properly recycle your e-bike battery at the end of its life. Find more information and locations for recycling at hungryforbatteries.org.


E-Bike Share (BIRD)

The e-bike share program provides e-bikes for short-term rental from BIRD. Visit BIRD to learn more: https://bird.co

We are offering a BIRD e-bike coupon that will give $5 off each ride for 10 rides to our Healdsburg electric CARE income-qualified customers! 

If you are a CARE customer, contact the Utility Conservation Intern to redeem a coupon code at 707-431-3122 or conservation@healdsburg.gov 

Learn more about BIRD’s community pricing discount here.

Commercial Programs and Rebates

EVs E-bikes- Commercial level 2 charger

Level 2 EV Charger

Commercial and multi-family EV chargers can provide access for employees and tenants to charge during the day when there are abundant solar resources.

Program Requirements:

  • ENERGY STAR® 240‐volt Level 2 Charger
  • Only for existing buildings

Rebate application

Rebate amount: $5,000 per connector

Other Incentives and Rebates

Federal Tax Credits (Electric Vehicles)

Federal Tax Credits (EV Charging)

CALeVIP Sonoma Coast Incentive Project

California CORE

EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles

  • Commercial vehicle fleet infrastructure incentives: energiize.org

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you consult with a tax professional for any tax questions or questions regarding your eligibility for tax incentives.

For any questions on energy rebates, please email us at conservation@healdsburg.gov or call 707-431-3122.