Emergency Management



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Emergency Management Program

The City of Healdsburg’s emergency management program is managed by the Emergency Services Coordinator, with significant support from the Police Department and Fire Department. Together, they are committed to preparing the City and the community to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies – minimizing the loss of lives, damage to property and the environment; and enabling the restoration of continuity of services.

Emergency Preparedness                        

The City of Healdsburg has developed a multi-page English- and Spanish-language emergency-preparedness resource for the community. The brochure includes best practices on how you can prepare for disasters such as wildfires, and floods. Click here to download a printable PDF of the brochure. 


Utility Wildfire Safety

Unlike most municipalities, the City of Healdsburg operates its own electric utility, and the community benefits from lower electric rates compared with PG&E. Go here to learn how our Electric Department is preparing for disasters and what you should do prepare you and your family for public-safety power shutdowns.