Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for development and maintenance of the city's infrastructure. Responsibilities include design and construction of public streets (including sidewalks, street and traffic signs, and pavement markings), water system distribution, sewer collection and storm drain systems. The Department also provides engineering review and inspection of public improvements for new development projects and for public capital improvement and replacement projects.

Engineering Staff

The engineering staff deals with public concerns including the administration of construction contracts, traffic safety and encroachment permits and maintains and provides information to the public about infrastructure improvements.Measure M Sign

Street Safety & Maintenance

Street department maintenance crews replace regulatory, warning and informational signs, perform graffiti removal on public right-of-ways, clear debris and obstructions (including removal of deceased animals).

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  1. Healdsburg Roadway Safety Plan

    The City of Healdsburg has been working to create a Local Roadway Safety Plan. The City previously asked for, and has incorporated public input into the draft plan. The draft of the plan is now ready for public feedback. Additional Information
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