Healdsburg Public Art Grant

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Healdsburg Public Art Grant

In 2018, the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council established goals to engage the community in defining the role of art through the creation of an community-based arts and culture master planning process. The arts and culture master planning process was a community-led initiative with a Creative Leadership Team comprised of community members serving as the project's steering committee. City Council adopted Healdsburg's first ever Arts and Culture Master Plan in August 2021. The Plan outlines five major goals:

  • Build the Structural Foundation for Arts and Culture
  • Enrich Cultural Experiences for Our Community and Our Visitors
  • Foster and Grow an Inclusive Creative Economy
  • Advance Art in the Public Realm
  • Support Development of Arts and Cultural Spaces

As part of the City's efforts to foster and enhance our creative community, we are pleased to announce our second Public Art Grant Program solicitation. This program is one of the outcomes of the Arts and Culture Master Plan and marks the City's dedicated financial commitment to supporting the arts community. 

Eligible applicants include local artists, creators, and non-profit organizations interested in expanding the role of arts in our community. Any artwork that is intended to enrich the public environment for City residents and visitors is eligible, including sculptures, murals, paintings, graphic arts, mosaics, photography, crafts, mixed media, environmental works, and performing arts. The art may be temporary or permanent. 

The application process: 
To apply, submit a proposal (no more than 5 pages including work samples) with the following information in this order: 

  • Title of the Proposal/Project 

  • Description of the Project

  •  Artist Credentials 

  • Project Budget 

  • Project Timeline (What is your anticipated production timeline from award of the grant? How long do you expect art to be displayed?) 

  • Work Samples (up to 5) 

  • Artist Credentials

  • A sketch or visual representation of the artwork is required with the submission of your proposal

Please submit electronic proposals (PDF) through the E-Form below. 

Application Deadline: Friday February 2, 2024 at 5:00 pm