Open Streets Healdsburg

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On Monday, July 27 2020, City Council approved full street closures of Plaza Street between Healdsburg Avenue and Center Street and a portion of Plaza Street between Center Street and East Street. These closures are part of a pilot program - "Open Streets Healdsburg" - that expands public space for our community, businesses and visitors to help with physical distancing and places to stroll and sit in the downtown area. As of Monday, February 1, 2021, City Council opened Plaza Street (between Healdsburg Ave. and Center Street to traffic and extended the Open Street program on Plaza Street (between Center and the Senior Center parking lot) until December 31, 2021 to align with the Marketspace program. 


This was a team effort requiring participation from multiple departments. As part of the preparation work our City of Healdsburg Fire Department team tested the proposed street closure configuration to make sure they could access buildings should the need arise, our Healdsburg Police Department and our Public Works Department were reviewing barrier placements and other issues, and our Healdsburg Community Services team worked on the overall layout.  


We want to thank all the businesses and community members who have participated in 11 virtual meetings and one in-person meeting (physically distanced and masked) to discuss a number of different approaches to support our community including the use of sidewalks, parking spaces, parks, and streets.