Fitch Mountain Park and Open Space Preserve

Fitch Mountain

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fitch Mountain Villa Trail Access Closed Through January 2024 

The long-awaited public access improvements for Fitch Mountain Park and Open Space Preserve are underway! 

With construction activities that includes the use of heavy equipment and hauling of materials, we are required to close all trail access from the Villa Chanticleer lower and upper parking lots, along with trail access from North Fitch Mountain Road. The main trail and all connection trails will be inaccessible during construction. To ensure your safety, please do not proceed past the closure signage and do not cross construction fencing. 

During Fitch Mountain’s construction activities please join us at the 155-acre Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve located off Parkland Farms Boulevard and Arabian Way.  Keep an eye out for the fascinating wildlife, including an otter residing in Fox Pond.

For more information on the Fitch Mountain Public Access Improvement Project, please visit Thanks for your understanding!


Fitch Mountain Project Sign-Trails Closed

Fitch Mountain is one of the most prominent physical landmarks found in northern Sonoma County. The mountain is surrounded by the City of Healdsburg and the unincorporated Fitch Mountain community and provides a scenic backdrop for the City. Fitch Mountain can be seen from a great distance in all directions, including a long stretch of Highway 101.

The City of Healdsburg, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, LandPaths, the Coastal Conservancy, and the Fitch Mountain Fund have partnered to protect, restore, enhance, and steward Fitch Mountain. As partners:

  • The Open Space District secured funding to purchase and protect the property.
  • LandPaths is working to enhance and restore the important natural resources.
  • The Coastal Conservancy committed funding toward development of the management plan.
  • Fitch Mountain Fund is raising money for long-term stewardship of the property. 
  • The City owns the property rights and is responsible for its long-term care.

Each of these agencies, as well as the community and other stakeholders, will help shape the future of Fitch Mountain. 

How to Get Involved

Fitch Mountain needs your help! There will be lots of opportunities to get involved both short and long-term in order to care for and steward Fitch Mountain:

Learn about the Mountain: Fitch Mountain Management Plan

Read about the mountain's natural resources and the long-term plans to enhance and protect these resources while providing access for the public in the Management Plan.

Take Care of the Mountain: Stewardship Days with LandPaths

LandPaths is at work on the Mountain! You can help out now by participating in one of LandPaths' Stewardship Days. More information is available on Landpaths' website

Help Fund Long-Term Care: The Fitch Mountain Fund  

Ultimately, it will require a village to steward Fitch Mountain. More information on the long-term needs are identified in the Management Plan. In preparation for long-term responsibilities, the Fitch Mountain Fund is raising money to help steward Fitch Mountain now and into the future.  Visit the Fitch Mountain Fund's website for how you can support Fitch Mountain.     

Photo Credit: Kim Carroll Photography