Ron Edwards, Council Member

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Councilmember Ron Edwards has lived in Healdsburg for nearly 30 years, and ran a successful catering business for more than 20 of those years. He grew up in Marin, where he met his wife, Cecelia, a Healdsburg native. It was there where his mother taught Ron about civic duty through her work running a small food distribution service for underserved people – authentic Southern food to feed the soul.

From this family tradition of community service, Ron saw it as his duty to become engaged in local government following his retirement from the catering business. During his time on several Ad Hoc committees and working with other committees throughout California, Ron saw that there is not nearly enough engagement between elected offices and the people they serve. By working with people from all walks of life, he learned through experience that coalition and consensus building are keys to providing the most good to the most people. As a solutions-oriented community member, Ron is willing to listen to people from every political, economic, and social perspective. His experience building and operating multiple small businesses has widened his ability to work with people who may have differing priorities to find common solutions.

In his personal life, Ron enjoys working on cars and has been part of car racing pit crews growing up. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Cecelia; taking in the natural beauty of the area; and talking with his neighbors at the many community events in Healdsburg.

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