Measure L - Transient Occupancy Tax Amendment

Measure L Summary

Measure L WON’T increase taxes or change the City’s  current voter-approved Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT). A YES vote on Measure L  supports the City’s proposal to clarify its TOT Ordinance so TOT funds can be used for construction and financing of major park improvements and future affordable housing projects. A NO vote on Measure L rejects the City’s proposal.  A person and a dog walking in a field

Investing in Our Parks

One of the City’s key priorities is maintaining and improving more than 220 acres of parks and open space across 16 local parks. As revenue generated by visitors has increased in recent years, the City Council has committed to an unprecedented investment in maintaining, updating, and expanding our park system. In 2021, as part of that effort, the City of Healdsburg completed a community-driven plan for the redevelopment of Badger Park with expanded public access to the Russian River, and development of a new 36-acre park at the north end of town that will include playing fields for youth and adults, trails, open space, and more. 

The City is now pursuing a plan to implement these two significant park projects as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The TOT fund offers a promising source of funding to  complete them.

Healdsburg's TOT funds local parks, affordable housing and more

The City first adopted a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) or Hotel Tax in 1965, applying to all lodging establishments within Healdsburg. Over the years, Healdsburg voters have approved various adjustments to this City funding stream. At 14% today, the City’s current TOT supports local parks (10%), affordable housing (2%) and General Fund services (2%). Steadily increasing TOT revenues have expanded the City’s ability to provide services valued by our residents that contribute to Healdsburg’s high quality of life.

Parks and the TOT

While some TOT funds are allocated to maintaining parks, the City’s existing TOT ordinance does not currently allow TOT funds to be used for construction and financing major park improvements. Even though sufficient TOT revenue is available, the City cannot use these funds for projects like the redevelopment of Badger Park and construction of the new park. A change in the City’s ordinance is now recommended and has been placed on the ballot as Measure L. Passage of Measure L would allow similar flexibility for financing future affordable housing projects.

The Bottom Line

Measure L will enable the City to move forward with reconstruction of Badger Park as well as  construction of the new 36-acre park among other projects. The City’s goal with Measure L is to obtain the proper voter approval so that these transformative projects can be completed faster and more cost-effectively, and residents can begin enjoying these amenities as soon as possible.

All voters living in Healdsburg city limits who are registered to vote by October 24 will be eligible to vote on this ballot measure. Measure L requires 2/3 (66.7%) voter support to pass.


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